You’re sitting at your desk. You’ve been working hard and you’re killing your to do list and realize it’s time for a break. You look up from your work and suddenly your shoulders and upper back are screaming at you. What is this about?
It’s about your chest. No really! Everything we do during the day, (typing, texting, driving, eating), requires us to have our arms and hands in front of our body. And more often than not, our head is forward, looking down. This results in shortened muscles in the chest and front of the neck which, in turn over extends, and fatigues muscles in the posterior neck and shoulders. Thus causing that burning ache in your upper back.
So, what do you do about it? First, get a massage. Your therapist can release the tension in your shoulders and upper back by opening the tissue in your neck and chest. As soon as those anterior, or front of the body muscles relax and release, the posterior, or back of the body muscles can disengage and rest, relieving the pain. Once this is done, you can maintain that relief with simple daily stretches and routine massage sessions. Your therapist can help guide you through the process