Restoring your Optimum

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Pain sucks.  

Whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental, pain disrupts your life.  Pain, (even low levels of discomfort), keeps you from performing at your optimum on any level.
Your entire body, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual, has one over-arching purpose:  homeostasis – to be at its optimum.  Pain keeps that from happening.  Your energies are dedicated to functioning around the pain instead of actually healing it.  It’s like a 2nd job that brings absolutely nothing to the table.  You miss out on the best thing:  being present in your life and living at your optimum.
I get it.  I’ve lived it.  So, what are your options?
You can live with it, (because that’s been working so well up until now).  You can treat the symptoms, but OTC, recreational or prescription meds all have side effects.
Or you can try methods that actually target the cause of the pain and discomfort.
Massage is a proven and effective method for treating, managing, and eliminating pain and discomfort.  And the best part is…there are no lasting side effects.  You may be sore after a session, but that will resolve itself usually within 48 hours at most.  Even if massage doesn’t completely correct the issue causing your pain, you still get to experience a great massage, and the effects are cumulative.  The more massage you get, the better the results.  Not only can you keep feeling better, but massage can also stop you from feeling “bad” to begin with.  There really is no downside.
So, now what?  That’s simple; now you just have to decide.  Do you want to continue the way you have been, or do you want to change?  I said simple, not easy, but nothing changes until something changes.  I know.  Change isn’t easy and it can be scary.  So, start with something small, and enjoyable.  Make the appointment and get a massage.  It really can be the first step to taking your life back from the pain.
Elementals Massage is committed to Restoring Your Optimum.

Here’s what people are saying about Elementals Massage:

  • Tammy is an excellent massage therapist. I consider my sessions as important as all my other preventative care. She is knowledgeable, professional, and is passionate about helping you feel your best.
  • Tammy is awesome! I’m a believer in the benefits of craniosacral therapy! I could tell a tremendous difference from the moment I walked in and when I got off the table.
  • I’m a licensed massage therapist and Tammy is the massage therapist I choose to work on me! I refer my friends to her as well.
    She is very knowledgeable, kind, and professional. Do yourself a favor and book a session or purchase a gift certificate for a loved one. Hands down my favorite massage therapist in Nashville!