Elementals Massage should begin seeing clients again on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, although there will be some noticeable changes due to enhanced regulations for massage therapy.

Having always followed strict guidelines for sanitation, as outlined by the Metro Davidson County Board of Health, some of the steps outlined below were already happening.  Now, however, there are added precautions I am required to take and I wanted you to be aware.

Here are the steps I’ll be taking to maintain the new safety and sanitation requirements:

  1. Walk-ins are no longer permitted per state guidelines.  Sessions are by appointment only and will be staggered to limit exposure.
  2. Guests will no longer be allowed to wait in the office.
  3. Clients will no longer be allowed to sit in the front waiting area.  Please text me upon arrival and stay in your car until I escort you into the building. 
  4. I will meet you at the door with a list of screening questions specific to COVID-19 to be included in your session notes.  If you present any symptoms of illness, your session will be rescheduled for at least 14 days out and you will not be allowed to enter the building. 
  5. I will also be monitoring myself for symptoms of illness including taking and recording my temperature, daily.  If I show symptoms, I will contact you to reschedule your session.
  6. All massage clients and therapists are now required to wear masks during your session.  (You can wear your own, or I can provide a courtesy mask upon your arrival.)
  7. Hand sanitizer will be provided for required use upon arrival and departure of the treatment room.
  8. The optional “box under the chair for your things”, has been replaced with a lidded crate that you will place your clothing and belongings into.  The box will be closed during your session and will be cleaned and disinfected after your session.
  9. Before and after each session all equipment and/or surfaces used will be sanitized per EPA and CDC guidelines.  Sanitation includes using an all-purpose cleaner, then an EPA certified disinfectant for equipment and any wipeable surfaces.  UVC light is used for walls and floors.
  10. After your session, linens will be removed and bagged in a closed container for laundering.
  11. All common areas will be sanitized daily and each after use.  This means any surface that is touched, (sinks, faucets, light switches, counter, doorknobs, etc.), will be cleaned and disinfected.
  12. To minimize surface contamination, I will sign Square on your behalf as you witness.  Cash will be placed in a special area and be disinfected. Change will not be an option.
  13. When you are ready to leave, I will walk you to the exit and open the door for you. 
  14. Sadly, handshakes and/or hugs are no longer allowed.

The past 8+ weeks have been uncertain, at best, but it did allow me to dig in and take a really good look at my business.  In addition to making many positive changes, one thing became clear; my pricing, (that has not been changed in over 5 years), no longer reflected industry standards.  To that end, when my doors reopen in June session rates will increase.  This change will not affect bookings already scheduled as of the date of this announcement or for sessions canceled due to the office being closed, as a way to thank you for continuing support. However, going forward, session rates will now be $85/$115/$145 for 60/90/120 minute sessions respectively.  Prepurchased series prices will increase to $306 for both the 4/60 and 3/90 options.

Thank you again for your patience and continued support.  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.

In health and love,