When you have a massage booked, the last thing you want to do is reschedule it, but if you or someone in your home is sick, that is exactly what you need to do

You read that correctly: If you or someone in your home is sick.

 If someone in your home is sick and you’ve been exposed to them, you are sick.  You just haven’t developed symptoms yet, and you can expose others.  That includes your therapist, and 

1.) They don’t want it.  Even if it’s ‘just a cold’ they don’t want it any more than you wanted it when someone gave it to you.  A lot of therapists work for themselves, so if they don’t work, they don’t get paid.  In the case of a common cold, that can be up to 2 weeks.  (Could you afford that?)

2.) Once your therapist is exposed, they can expose other clients.  At best, this is inconsiderate and inconvenient, but if they have clients who are immunocompromised, this could be extremely dangerous.

So, please if you or someone in your home is experiencing any cold, or flu symptoms contact your massage therapist and let them know. They’ll be happy to reschedule you for a better time.