In my last career as a corporate travel agent, I spent 20 years at a desk.  In addition to being diagnosed with migraine at the age of 13, this has given me a unique perspective on the problems Corporate Body Damage can cause.  Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist helped me learn how to combat it.

What is Corporate Body Damage?

Corporate Body Damage is a term that encompasses the numerous conditions and/or injuries that can occur when the human body is forced to remain in a seated position for extended periods of time. Here are some common examples:

  1. Low back pain
  2. Neck pain/headaches/Migraine
  3. Bursitis of the shoulder

How does it happen?   The short answer is, unnatural muscle usage.

The human body is designed to move, stand upright, and look in multiple directions.  We are not designed to sit in one position, look at one point, and repeat the same small actions over and over again for days/weeks/months/years.  The biology of the human body is designed for balance, front to back, and side to side.  That’s why skeletal muscles come in pairs (think biceps and triceps) so they can balance each other.  One shortens while the other lengthens.  When we only move in one direction, the muscles get out of balance and problems start.  This article by Max Plenke from 2015 explains in greater detail:  mic.com/articles/124711/your-health-and-fitness-with-office-jobs-vs-physical-jobs#.Jni5KhPLT

The good news is, there are simple and enjoyable things you can do to avoid all this damage.

  1. Stretching – Active Isolated Stretching, developed by Aaron Mattes, is a simple and effective way to lengthen shorten muscles while tightening their hyper-extended counterparts. www.stretchingusa.com/
  2. Moving – According to multiple studies, simply strolling while having a meeting can reduce the risk of multiple workplace related conditions. https://www.themuse.com/advice/5-physical-problems-you-have-from-sitting-still-all-day-solved
  3. Massage – Most people know that massage can help you relax and manage emotional stress, but did you know that massage can manage pain? It can also lengthen shortened soft tissue, release knotted muscles and restricted fascial or connective tissue. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/massage/art-20045743?reDate=23012018


My massage practice specializes in managing and minimizing the effects of Corporate Body Damage.  Elementals Massage offers multiple massage modalities proven to reduce the effects of seated lifestyles, as well as self-care routines designed to enhance those results.  Call or go on-line to find out how I can help you Restore Your Optimum.


~Tammy Dunn