The past few months have been busy, busy with clients and classes and volunteering.  I’ve added many new people and techniques since last we sopke, so here’s a quick run down of what’s new and exciting in my therapy room:

March 22-23, 2014 -2014 AMTA-TN Spring Conference (Matthew Howe)

The Power of Fascia – The human body is composed of several different systems; circulatory, lymphatic, musculoskeletal to name a few. One of the common threads that connect all of these systems of the body is Fascia. Fascia used to be considered ‘the stuff that gets cut out to get to the important stuff’. We, as massage and bodywork professionals, have known differently for some time. This workshop will help you gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the role that Fascia plays in our sessions. We will share new understanding of what Fascia does for us and how we can treat it on new levels. Students will get a chance to work with the different layers and constitutions of Fascia. The content and hands on for the class will leave you excited to return to your practice and apply the new perspectives and techniques.

CranioSacral –  This introductory class will open up the door to this very powerful modality. Students will learn how Integrative CranioSacral Therapy is rooted in Osteopathic history, yet is poised to lead health and wellness into the future. The class covers the foundations of the work plus ready-to-use techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into your sessions.

Rapid Relaxation Techniques – Have you every wondered what it would be like to do breath-work as a session? Do you have clients that are wound tight, that don’t relax well? Rapid Relaxation Techniques will get your clients into their bodies while, at the same time, softening the tension throughout the body. Harness the power of the breath to increase your outcomes and reduce the wear and tear on your body. Rapid Relaxation gets your clients ready to receive work in a quicker, targeted direction.


May 18-20, 2014 Foundations in Myofascial Release I    (Walt Fritz)

An understanding of the potential impact that soft tissue tightness can play in pain is discussed, along with newer models of pain science and the introduction of treatment from a nervous system perspective. We will look at the strengths and limitations of a bio-mechanical/postural weighted evaluation and treatment paradigm and how it compares and contrasts with a nervous system approach. There is much overlap between the two when it comes to treatment, and this is where the Foundations Seminar approach shines. A deep model of evaluation taught as a basis of all Myofascial Release treatment. Foundations I heavily emphasize specific treatment techniques, including compressive, cross-handed, single direction releases, as well as MyoMobilization™, a more effective and gentle alternative to traditional soft tissue mobilization. Therapists who have taken other myofascial release seminars comment positively on the large percentage of seminar time spent learning techniques and the “feel” of myofascial release. Most importantly, you will leave this seminar prepared to begin using myofascial release on your first day back to work. You will be taught to utilize anatomy in ways that other seminar lines ignore; knowledge of the anatomy of the nervous system will allow an easy transition into treatment.

I can’t wait to showcase these new techniques with you!